I started painting was because I was looking for an outlet for my emotions, feelings and thoughts, especially the uncomfortable ones. In the beginning, I hoped that I produced a ‘good’ painting. I hoped that I wouldn’t make a mess out of it. Something I didn’t expect is that I uncovered a new layer of myself with each painting.

After I did some very geometrical paintings, I played with textures and colours. I trained as an interior designer and I was told once that I was painting ‘furniture’. I decided to move away from geometrical compositions. When I moved away from them is when the need to do ‘good’ paintings disappeared.

In front of the canvas, my identity, my ego dissolved. It didn’t disappear but instead merged into my heart. I found myself in front of the canvas as a creator without expectations. In front of the canvas, I felt whole. From that moment, I understood that there were no mistakes. A ‘mistake’ was simply a moment to pause and obverse the canvas and myself. It was a moment to allow the canvas to talk to me and for me to listen to myself.

All my paintings are spiritual paintings. They don’t have religious connections or spiritual iconography. They are spiritual because I go inside me and allow myself to be in the now. There is not self-judgement, self-doubt or fear. There is only compassion and joy.

What will my paintings look like in the future? I don’t know what they will look like. I only recognize that my paintings reflect the relationship that I have with my body, mind and spirit.

My paintings are a visual journal of my life.

The Story

Each of my paintings is an expression of my spirituality. I consider myself to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Through my painting I explore aspect of my human of my experience, from abstract ideas to landscapes and the body.